A clean ABS speed sensor…

The ABS warning indicator in my Integra started lighting up this week. Following the directions on this forum, I got the car to tell me that there seemed to be a problem with the rear, passenger-side ABS speed sensor.

In most ABS-equipped cars, there is a magnetic induction speed sensor at each wheel which allows the antilock controller to determine when a tire begins to slip under heavy braking. But because these sensors contain magnets and are relatively exposed, they often collect metal brake filings and other junk that can obstruct their operation. So, aside from interference due to Desiree’s magnificent aura (long story), the most likely explanation for my ABS troubles seemed to be that the sensor was just dirty.

For any other Integra owners out there, here’s a brief explanation of how to remove, inspect, and clean your rear ABS sensors. It’s a pretty straightforward process, and all you will need are:

  • a 10mm ratchet with short extension,
  • a rag or paper towel, and
  • a jack stand.

Begin by raising your car onto the jack stand. Remove the wheel in question. On the front side of the hub, just behind the rotor, you’ll see a small, rectangular metal shield with three bolts in it. Unscrew the bolts and pull off the shield. You will now be able to see the sensor itself:


Next, remove the two bolts directly holding the sensor in place, as well as the two bolts that attach the sensor cable to the car’s suspension. The sensor should come out easily.


Now wipe off any excess dirt and grime, then put it all back together. My car hasn’t complained any more since I cleaned this sensor, and I couldn’t see any obvious damage to either it or the cable, so hopefully I won’t find myself spending $70 for a replacement somewhere down the road…